Our Team

Executive Prof

Paul Hopkins

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
Paul Hopkins has over 17 years in the construction industry, and also has over 7 years in real estate acquisitions, repositions, and development business. Prior to forming WestIron Capital, Paul was an integral part of a private equity multifamily and condo development real estate investment company which he helped achieve high levels of success by performing several large transactions in the span of 2 years.
During his tenure he handled all aspects of real estate transactions ranging from acquisitions, underwriting financial analysis, and due diligence, to asset management, investor distributions, monthly investor reporting, and even the development and construction of multifamily assets.
Prior to real estate, Paul has held leadership roles for a heavy civil contractor company dedicated to building incredible million and billion-dollar bridge projects across the US and Canada.

Marcos Martinez

Director of Investor Relations, Co-Founder
Marcos has been involved in business, sales and entrepreneurship ventures since he was in his early teens. He has worked in the construction field, multiple sales positions, and the banking and finance industry until he fell in love with real estate in 2014. Since then, Marcos has worked full time in the real industry first with wholesaling residential homes, to flipping homes, to residential development, then into multi family acquisitions and development.
For the past 5 years Marcos has been the lead of a private equity firm and responsible for managing general contractors and construction crews, helping building a team of mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, and a sales staff. Up to date he has been involved in hundreds of transactions and managing millions of dollars of investor capital.
His passion remains the same, to help beginners and experts generate passive income goals through multiple real estate portfolios and to help with a life of true financial freedom.

David Anderson

General Partner, WestIron Capital
David Anderson, is the newest member of the WestIron Capital team. He's had a passion for entrepreneurship since the young age of 14 years old.
David graduated from Florida State University in 2011 with a B.S. in Finance and Real Estate, and a minor in Economics. He was involved in several groups at his time at FSU, including the Entrepreneurs Organization, Real Estate Group, and Theta Chi Fraternity. David thoroughly enjoys investing into cash flow assets and has experience with several cash flow asset ventures including website hosting, automated lead generation, car rentals, RV parks, and now Multifamily properties with value-add opportunities.
David is involved in Investor Relations with WestIron Capital, to help raise and maintain capital in order to acquire more

Advisory Board, Co Sponsor, Mentor Executive Prof

Josh Cantwell

Chief Executive Officer, Freeland Ventures
Josh manages over $40M in private money, which is deployed into multifamily real estate and apartments. He has been involved in 1,000+ wholesale, rehab, rental, foreclosure, and apartment transactions, and currently holds a portfolio of over 3,000+ cash-flowing apartments. He is the founder and CEO of a variety of successful businesses including Freeland Ventures and Strategic Real Estate Coach.

Glenn Lytle

Chief Strategy Officer, Freeland Ventures
Glenn has been investing in real estate for over 15 years and co-founded Freeland Ventures with Josh Cantwell in 2015 as a partner to manage investor relations and help drive private equity investments. He has ownership in over 3,000 rental units and also manages over $34M in private investments, which has funded over 350 fix and flip, rental and small balance commercial deals during that period. In addition to real estate and capital management, Glenn has held executive leadership roles in some of the largest, fastest growing telecommunications companies in the US. and has built and rebuilt multiple sales and operations teams and organizations in various regions and industries.

Tyler Brummett

COO/ President of Asset Management, Freeland Ventures
Tyler is responsible for scaling Freeland’s real estate portfolio and overseeing budgets, expenditures, and property management. He is also responsible for sourcing, reviewing and negotiating all of the real estate opportunities, and is the primary contact for acquisitions and possible joint venture opportunities. He brings 9 years of sales and lending experience in residential, commercial, and private equity, 6+ years running his own real estate investment companies, and 7+ years being a director for the nation’s largest mortgage lender. In 2019, Tyler was nominated by Crain’s Cleveland Business “Twenty in their 20’s” as a rising star of top professionals in Cleveland.