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Who we are

WestIron Capital was founded by Paul Hopkins and Marcos Martinez, who have been actively providing excellent real estate services to their communities ever since 2014, focusing primarily on wholesaling and flipping single family homes and creating a rental portfolio throughout Colorado and Ohio. Eventually, Paul and Marcos expanded their venture into the commercial real estate space and worked with a private equity firm focused on multifamily acquisitions and development projects in the Midwest, Colorado and Arizona. In the span of 2 years, they helped the firm acquire over 50 million dollars in real estate, 30 million dollars in development and repositioning, and managed over 15 million in private capital. Together they have been involved in over 100 real estate transactions. WestIron Capital was created with the intention to provide an even more refined level of service than they offered in their previous career’s experiences in the field of real estate.

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Board Members

In 2015 CEO Josh Cantwell and CSO Glenn Lytle, who are our Board Members, founded Freeland Ventures with their primary focus to provide reliable passive investment options for investors as well as significant focus on managing all the acquisitions, property managements and construction process under the safeguard of Freeland Ventures. In 2018, the experienced real estate investor Tyler Brummett joined the Freeland Ventures team with the intention of managing properties with a specific focus on acquisition and keen supervision to ensure each property is of the highest quality.

Josh, Glenn, and Tyler have extensive real estate investing and private lending experience dating back to 2001, and collectively have been involved in over 1,500 real estate transactions as owners, operators, and even as private lenders. Freeland Ventures is headquartered in Cleveland, OH and is one of the top leading real estate investment firms in the Northeast of Ohio.

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westiron core business strategy

Identify off-market, undervalued,  value-add, Class B apartment buildings to invest in and owner/operate. Purchasing and  operating these secured physical assets, we underwrite conservative high-yield private  investor equity investments and private money loans alongside 1st mortgage senior debt  from bridge lenders and agency lenders like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This creates  stable, strong secured returns for passive investors.

Decades of Investing

Having been investing since 2001, our team together with our board members has operated through multiple market cycles, and we make use of experiences to adapt and bring technologies, as well as tried-and-true market research techniques, to help us gather important information to make the best decisions to acquire the best real estate investment opportunities for all of our investors.

WestIron Capital provides investing opportunities in a wide array of options with these potential benefits:

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The WestIron Difference

WestIron Capital believes in performing extensive research to select the best properties to invest in which have high occupancy that are undervalued, and so we come in with the intention to create a custom value-add business plan for each asset to massively increase their ROI.

Then, we focus on adding the most beneficial amenities which are very effective in increasing revenues. We also select JV partners who are successful, competent, and enthusiastic investors who truly know and understand our business model.

We apply our “value-add/value investing” approach to every deal we operate or invest in; thus, we take this responsibility to select the best properties very seriously.

WestIron Capital’s executive team understands that at its core, real estate is about being “local” and “community driven”, which makes them aware of how each market is different, and as a result they know shifts in market cycles to be successful as changes take place.